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    Forestry Investment

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    - Timber must be ready for harvesting within 2 years;
    -  Issues regarding access and rights of way should be identified and resolved;
    -  Co-Operative road building involving more than one forest owner is

About us

Forestry Services Ltd. is a private forestry specialising in providing forestry services to all woodland owners and persons considering forestry.

We provide a service through our team of foresters who are all members of the Society of Irish Foresters and are registered on the Forest Service list of approved foresters.

We provide long term forest management services through our associate company, Forwood Forestry Ltd, and can now provide technical advice on agriculture and forestry related issues through our association and Cillin Farm Advisory Group.

We are involved in national and international timberland investment and have a proven track record in managing large scale forestry investments.

In summary, we take the worry out of forestry and provide a complete service from planting, management, paperwork, road construction, thinning and timber sales.

Forestry Services do everything from planting to harvesting to timber sales to reforestation. We provide all working capital - The complete forestry package.

We are nationwide.

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Forestry Services Ltd.
Cillín Hill Business Park
Loc8 Code: RD8-71-3FJ 
Phone: (056) 7702242
E-mail: info@forestryservices.ie
or Click Here to find your local forester

Mission Statement

Our primary objective is to develop and maintain long-term business relationships with our clients. The objective extends to the development of similar relationships with new and prospective clients.

The management of all forests under our stewardship will adhere to the principles of sustainability and the code of best forest practice.