Forest Road Construction & Grants

Forestry Services Ltd. provides a comprehensive service to all clients in relation to the layout and construction of forest roads, and any associated special construction works. A proper road network is an integral and vital part of all forest properties. Grant aid is provided by the Forest Service for the construction of harvesting roads.

This grant aid is structured as follows:

  • Up to 25 linear meters of forest road per hectare of Forest
  • An additional bellmouth allowance of 20 metres will now apply at contract level, subject to costs incurred, where a new entrance to the public road is being created or modified in addition to the standard density of 25 metres per hectare. Only one 20 metre allowance will apply per forest plantation i.e. original plantation contract number where applicable.
  • Maximum grant rate is €40 per linear metre of road constructed.

Qualification criteria:

  • Conifer forests are eligible within 5 years of thinning
  • Broadleaf forests are eligible when they reach a height of 6 metres
  • Issues regarding access and rights of way should be identified and resolved
  • Co- Operative road building involving more than one forest owner is encouraged

Increased funding may be available where special construction works such as bridges are required.

Forestry Services Ltd has vast experience in the construction of forest roads on all site types and annually constructs in excess of 30 Km of forest roads.

Our company secures approval from the Forest Service before any work commences. This involves:

  • Submitting the relevant application form signed by the applicant, a Forestry services ltd forester and a surveyor or engineer if necessary
  • A roads map outlining the area to be served and the length and position of the proposed road.
  • A location map
  • Identify and resolve any issues relating to plantation access and rights of way
  • An engineers or surveyors specification where required. This would include, formation work, gradient, interceptor drains, camber etc.
  • Proposed new entrances would be discussed with the County Council local engineer and written approval received.

Each forest is assessed on its own merits and Forestry Services Ltd normally provides a turnkey service in both forest road construction and thinning.

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