Forestry & other Farm schemes

Area of Natural Constraint

  • Mountain Areas – €109.70/ha on first 10ha, €95.99/ha on next 24ha. Max payment €3,400.76.
  • More Severely Handicapped Areas (MSH) – €95.99/ha on first 30ha. Max payment €2,879.70.
  • Less Severely Handicapped Areas (LSH) – €82.27/ha on first 34ha. Max payment €2,468.10.
  • Minimum of 3ha to be eligible.
  • Where a farmer has a combination of mountain/lowland (MSH or LSH areas), the higher payment rate applies first, i.e. mountain payment and then the lowland payment.
  • This payment should be taken into account when preparing the overall farm plan.

Basic Payment Scheme

  • Many farmers that entered the Early retirement scheme from farming are now exiting the scheme as the 10 year payment run is over or reaching its end.
  • If the farmer is finished in Early Retirement Scheme (ERS) he/she can plant the land under the 2014-2020 afforestation scheme. This would typically occur when the land has been leased and returns to the transferor. In this situation no penalties would occur in relation to the Early Retirement Scheme.
  • Furthermore if the ERS pensioner during the pension period, acquires additional non pension lands, he/she can plant the additional non pension lands.

Early Retirement Scheme (ERS)

  • Landowners can plant forestry and retain their basic payment. This is provided that the land being planted was declared on a single farm payment application in 2008, the applicant was paid in 2008 and a minimum of 3 ha is retained in forage area on an ongoing basis.
  • Forestry Services Ltd. advise farmers to retain a minimum of 3 hectares in conventional agricultural production if considering planting the majority of their farms.
  • Planted land must be declared on the Basic Payment application form each year.
  • Forestry Services Ltd. will provide a map of the area planted to complete the Basic Payment application.

Green Low Carbon Agri Environmental Scheme (GLAS)

  • Payments under this scheme are no longer entirely area based but based on payment for environmental options undertaken on a farm level
  • The maximum payment per farm is €5000.
  • Landowners can structure forestry planting with this scheme and maximize total direct payments from both the GLAS and Forestry
  • Carefully planned forestry planting will also provide stock proof boundaries and a future fuel supply.


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