Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What species is my land suitable for:
A. We will look at your land, free of charge, and advise you on what species of tree is most suitable. In general Broadleaves are more site demanding than conifers.

Q. What does the grant cover and how much is it?
A. The afforestation grant covers the full cost of establishing and maintaining the plantation for the first 4 years. The rate of grant aid depends on the species being planted, see grants and premium section.

Q. Who qualifies for the forestry premium?
A. All landowners can qualify for the forestry premium. We will explain the criteria in your case.

Q. Is there planning permission required for planting?
A. The simple answer is no. Planting approval must be secured from the Forest Service. We prepare and submit the application for planting approval for you.

Q. What happens after 15 years?
A. After 15 years, you will have a semi mature plantation from which you will secure an income from profitable timber sales. We will advise you on the future revenue streams from timber sales.

Q. Who does the planting?
A. We do and we also maintain the plantation for you. This is cost free.

Q. Will I get an income from the first year?
A. Yes, the forest premium is usually paid within 3 months of the planting being completed.

Q. What maintenance will be completed on the plantation?
A. We will maintain the plantation until it is in “free Growth”, normally achieved when it is 4 years old. This will involve replacement of failed trees, vegetation control, shaping hardwoods, fertilisation.

Q. Are forest premiums income tax-free?
A. Yes, forest premiums are income tax-free, but are liable for USC and PRSI.

Q. Who owns the trees?
A. The trees and the timber belongs to you, the owner.

Q. Is thinning profitable?
A. Yes, we will organise and manage the thinning of your forest for a % of the profit we make for you.

Q. Have Forestry Services Ltd. a plantation close to me that I can look at?
A. Yes, we have been in business since 1985 and we manage plantations in every county in Ireland.

Q. Single Farm Payment or Basic Payment scheme, Can I continue to get this once I plant my land?
A. Yes, there are terms and conditions involved, but we are best placed to advise you on this.

Q. Does planting my land affect my disadvantaged area payments?
A. Yes and once again we are best placed to advise you on this.

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