Stakeholder Consultation

Stakeholders Consultation for FSL Group Certification Scheme

These woodlands as listed to the right of the page are currently in the process of being independently evaluated by an external body, if you have any comments concerning the management of these woodlands, please reply to the Group Manager Nicola Whelan of FSL Group Certification Scheme, using the following email address within 30 days of the start of any Stakeholders consultation  –  ending June 28th

  • Forestry Services Ltd. carried out a Stakeholders consultation from the 6th of December 2018 until the 7th of January 2019.


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List of forests under GCS

2018-GY001 Cormick/Drumhogan Forest, Galway

2018-LS001 Knocklead Forest, Laois

2018-KK001 Knockshanbally Forest, Kilkenny

2018-TY001 Crohane Forest, Tipperary

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