International Forestry Investment

Due to demand, Forestry Services ltd., brought an international dimension to timberland investment in 2007. The decision was taken to concentrate on countries in Europe in order to invest in countries which are economically and politically stable, where forestry presented a mature environment for business with an established sawmilling industry with export potential and an established forestry management history. Following significant investigation an investment in Estonia was secured.

Forestry Services ltd. managed the Estonian Irish Forestry Investment Fund, which was the largest Irish forestry investment fund invested in forestry internationally.

Forestry Services Ltd sold this investment in 2011, yielding a profit for shareholders.

The Investment

  • This was a forestry and land based investment in Estonia, which joined the European Union (May 2004). It is also a member of the WTO and Nato. Property ownership rights by foreign individuals and companies are enshrined in law and the legal system has received international recognition for its transparency.
  • The purchase price was €11.9 million (excluding legal and professional costs) which represents an average cost per hectare of €1,942 (€786 per acre). These prices were at a considerable discount to forestry and agricultural land throughout the rest of Europe. Land and forestry values are increasing between 15% and 20% per annum.
  • Forestry Services Ltd. had taking an equity investment of €6.75 million in the fund at the same price and with the same conditions as all other investors, highlighting the promoters confidence in the project, apart from managing the investment on behalf of investors.
  • International rankings by the Heritage Organisation and the Wall Street Journal ranked Estonia as the 12th freest economy in the world and the 7th freest economy in Europe. (Ireland 7th and 2nd respectively).
  • The promoters were a team of highly qualified individuals, made up of three professional Foresters and a Chartered Accountant.

Property Details

  • The original estate of 6,130 hectares (15,141 acres) was purchased in June 2007. This estate was made up of Forestry 5,268 Hectares (13,011 Acres) and Agricultural land 862 Hectares (2,310 Acres).
  • Additional purchases of 3,000 Hectares had been acquired since 2007.
  • The Estate was broken down into approximately 350 different holdings. The holdings are spread throughout the whole of Estonia.
  • The minimum investment was €500,000 – which entitles the shareholder to one share in the investment. The fund size is 20 million.
  • A dividend of 3% (€15,000) was paid on an annual basis to each investor. This repayment was tax free to all investors.

Forestry Services Ltd. are currently exploring forestry investments in the UK and have established links with Timber Investment Management Companies in America with a view to expanding the International Forestry Investment division of the company.

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