Knowledge Transfer Group

KTG Objectives

Forestry Services Ltd had two Knowledge Transfer Groups in 2018 and look forward to partaking in the scheme in 2019.

Explanation of the aim of the KTG Scheme:

  1. Provide additional knowledge to help forest owners understand the activities required in their forests.
  2. Provide the expertise over the forest rotation to achieved an economic return sustainably.
  3. Filling the knowledge gap and bridging the barrier to the mobilisation of timber and biomass from the private sector.

FSL KT Groups have the following benefits to owners:

  1. a) Increase awareness to forest owners of the value of their forest.
  2. b) Informing forest owners on how to actively manage their forest sustainably.
  3. c) Engaging owners in the process of continuous management of their forests including performance of annual tasks.
  4. d) Improve the understanding and the steps required when selling timber.
  5. e) Best practice for forestry establishment.
  6. f) Advice on membership to our group certification scheme.
  7. g) Better management results in greater productivity.

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